Sleepover Sins|Scene #01 Porn Pics

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It is going to be quite the evening to remember for Alison Rey. Kenna James invited her over for a 'girls only' sleepover. However|Alison is expecting it to be more than just the two of them. Alison doesn't mind|in fact|she is happy being the new girl in school|and to be liked by Kenna and her step sisters|who seem to be the cool cats in their grade. Alison is curious to know if the rumors in school are true about Kenna being a lesbian. Kenna brushes the question off smoothly|evidently too shy to give Alison the real answer. They talk about how Kenna hooked up with someone a few days ago|and she plays it off like it is was a guy|elaborating on how she had her pussy licked and how she came more than once. Kenna becomes hornier|thinking about her last lesbian escapade with her step sister|as she stares into Alison's eyes...Kenna can't help but to bring her lips closer to this innocent girl for her sexual desires.

Everything comes to a halt|Alison jumps out of the bed|running inside the bathroom hyperventilating|and reassessing what just happened. She tries to get a hold of her emotions and butterflies|but her sexual emotions get the best of her. Alison sits on the bathroom sink|spreading her legs to get off quickly. She rubs her pussy and boobs appeasing her sexual tension|forcing her fingers hard into her pussy. Kenna in the meanwhile is so angry at herself|thinking she really messed up this time|all while turning up distracted at the noise coming from in the bathroom|she tip toes at the door|hearing Alison have her orgasm. Kenna waits for Alison to open the door|busting her knowing what she was being naughty! Alison denies everything|but the evidence in her flushed face and heavy breathing tells another story.

Kenna admits she liked hearing Alison masturbate|but Alison calls Kenna out on not being a lesbian. Kenna left that decision up for Alison to decide|but Alison wants her to prove how much a of real lesbian Kenna is. Kenna grabs a hold of Alison's mouth|kissing her with passion|grabs a hold of her arm|dragging her to the bed|wasting no time to undress the lesbian virgin and fill her face with Alison's pussy juices. Alison wants to taste her lovers lips|licking ferociously on Kenna's clit|challenged and determined to make a girl cum. Kenna James, Alison Rey