Dr Jeckyll and Mrs Hyde: Part One|Scene #01 Porn Pics

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Aspiring writer Mercedes Carrera has a job as a housekeeper|and a big shot girlfriend who works the reception desk at a law firm|and thinks that makes her superior. Mercedes knows that being a maid is an honorable job|and it's only temporary|until her book is published. But she's bummed about reaching her dreams today. Who is she kidding? This is her life and she's only ever going be a maid. Feeling lowly and worthless|she stumbles upon an enchanting wooden chest in the closet. Inside she finds two crystal bottles of perfume. One sweet|like she would typically wear. The other naughty like sex. A heady|musky mesmerizing smell that she can't resist spritzing on herself. And just like that|the earth tremors|lights flicker|and something in the house feels strange. She sees a reflection in the mirror|but it's not her own. Is she going mad? Unbeknownst to Mercedes|black magic is at work|unleashing the dark side of herself|quite literally|into this world. The creature (Katrina Jade) looks just like Mercedes|even claims to be her|yet she is a separate entity|covered in tattoos|heavy make up and ripped stockings|more like a rocker or a whore|than a faithful girlfriend who cleans houses for a living. Her split personality hates that Mercedes gets walked all over like a doormat. If Mercedes wants to be assertive and stand up for herself|she needs to fuck her girlfriend in a way that commands respect. Mercedes listens and learns from her dominant self|especially when she fucks her pussy with a strap on till her eyes cross from cumming so intensely. It's not cheating remember|they're masturbating! Mercedes Carrera, Katrina Jade