My Virgin Daughter: Part One|Scene #01 Porn Pics

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As the new mother figure in the home|Jelena Jensen informs her husband that it's been hard bonding with his daughter Cassidy Klein. One minute|her step daughter is sweet and caring then the next|rambunctious and miserable. Jelena doesn't know what to do in order for them to have a stable relationship if Cassidy can't tell her why she is so upset. Jelena's husband thinks they should have a good talk|considering Jelena's first marriage ended because she had a sexual relationship with her ex husband's pornstar daughter. Jelena decides that|first thing tomorrow morning|she will approach the young christian girl and make amends in hopes they can flourish into a loving mother-daughter relationship.

Jelana wakes up alone on her bed|hearing screams from a not so distant Cassidy. Jelena calls out to Cassidy as the voices become louder. Louder and louder she hears her daughter wailing for help until a seemingly sublime power confounds her. Cassidy faces Jelena|crying out to be devirginized. Jelena doesn't understand what has gotten into her daughter|and begs her to go back to sleep|but Cassidy insists that feeling the warmth of her mother's pussy on her mouth will fulfill her fantasy. Jelena resists as much as possible|but the adamant virgin is too fast for her to react|and is already engaging in her lesbian fantasy. Cassidy fills her mouth with her mother's warm and tasty pussy|making Jelena moan in euphoria. When Cassidy places herself over Jelena's mouth|she grinds her hips in pleasure|unable to control her lesbian sexual excitement. There is no turning back as Jelena takes charge fully|pleasing her daughter by tribbing vigorously until she realizes that all of a sudden|she is alone with Cassidy no where to be found. Waking up in the morning|she realizes it was just a dream|knowing fully well what she must do to subdue her lesbian subconscious!

To be continued... Cassidy Klein, Jelena Jensen