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Taylor Sands responds to an ad|about being a dog walker to make an easy thousand dollars. She shows up at John Strong's house|who made the request. Once she enters the house no one is in sight. She makes her way upstairs to find out there is no dog but Mercedes Carrera locked up in a cage. John Strong creeps up behind Taylor and hands her a leash explaining that Mercedes's is the one who needs to be walked and fucked. Confused but curious Taylor does as she's told. She realizes this is not the kind of dog walking she is used to! But she loves it and is extra horny now! She obeys and both girls do as their told|listening to John's every demand from deep dick sucking|to fucking him just the way he wants it. The dog walking shift is only over|when the three of them are bursting into orgasm! Mercedes Carrera, Taylor Sands, John Strong