Cayla in My Little Secret Porn Pics

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Every girl has a little secret that she hasn't shown anyone before. But when that girl is an eager young nude model, and she is approached by a FEMJOY photographer, the walls come down, the shyness crumbles away, and that little secret is brought to the light. That's what you have here. Cayla showing the world what she's been carrying down between her legs for some years now.

Cayla, unlike many of our models, has not shaved her delicate feminine flower, and as you can see in these photos, she's sprouted a delightful field of bliss down there. She's proud of it, and we're proud of her for keeping it. It's the way she's grown to be, so why should she lose it?

For all you guys out there who like your girls with a little hair, Cayla has a secret to show you.