His First Time|Scene #01 Porn Pics

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Boy Oh Boy|Robby Echo is in quite the pickle! Unsure if he's doing the right thing|Robby paces back and forth in front of the Nuru Massage door|in complete disarray. Robby|a geeky virgin thinks the best way to lose his virginity is to meet a masseuse here that are known for offering a little extra|specifically|cock release. Sarah Jessie welcomes Robby into the establishment and onto the couch. Robby comes out with the whole truth that He's never been with a girl|nor has he ever touched one. Sarah emphasizes with him|promising she will take exceptional care of him today. The whole situation is too much for Robby's body to handle; having Sarah touching his leg causes Robby to pre-ejaculate|exposing a wet sport over his pants. This didn't stop Robby from continuing his dream of fucking a hot chick. She undresses herself|displaying her enormous boobs and pierced pussy. The scenario is very exciting for Robby|afraid he will cum again and ruin his whole plan. They make their way into the shower|but Robby is adamant to keep his underwear on|still shy since this is his first time ever being with a woman. But Sarah was a professional|determined to get her hands on his virgin cock.

Enjoy! Sarah Jessie, Robby Echo