Christian Girl's First Cock|Scene #01 Porn Pics

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In the midst of intense home remodeling |Ashley Adam's mom hires Steven St Croix|a licensed masseur to help her daughter with the physical distress that came along with everything. Steven feels the least Ashley's boyfriend can do is give his girlfriend a nice massage|however Ashley is very reticent to have anyone touch her body as she is saving herself for marriage and stands by that theology. Steven knows she is a special client and is going to do everything in his power to make her as comfortable as possible...

Steven asks politely if Ashley can remove her bra|coaxing her to reveal her luscious teen boobs|just to alleviate any oil from ruining her cute pink bra. Steven wants to know more about Ashley's commitment to save herself for her boy|asking as this is representative of an old mentality. How is she to know she is sexually compatible with her boyfriend? Ashley never thought about this before|the topic of sex never crossed her mind. She doesn't have a choice in the matter since this is an arranged marriage. However|Steven knows this is the perfect opportunity to fuck a tight virgin pussy. He proposes to show her a little thing or two and how good it feels to cum. Ashley couldn't resist her sexual temptations|with Steven's huge cock inches away from her face.

Steven relieves all her years of sexual tension placing his hand in between her virgin legs|rubbing her pussy through her panties. Ashley wants more of Stevens hands touching her unadulterated lips|moaning with utmost sexual satisfaction and excitement. He squeezes his fingers inside her tight teen pussy with caution|making sure he doesn't hurt the teenager. He twists and turns his fingers in and out|teasing her virgin pussy|controlling her orgasm. Ashley can't hold it in any longer|sexually peaking passionately. Steven did his job and he thanks her for her services|but Ashley isn't done with her masseur just yet|She wants to see his cock but is too shy to touch it herself or even ask to have it inside of her. Steven takes control|as he shows her how to suck his cock. He shows her how to ride it too|and place herself in magnificent positions which result in him blowing a massive load of cum that covers half her stomach! Ashley Adams, Steven St. Croix